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Latest News

09/11/2017 11:20
Hello, We have disable Deposits/Investments in the Program because the time to close this Investment session for 2017 happened. All our Investors will be paid before the end of this year 2017. Withdrawal requests can be made every Friday. Paym... 
09/10/2017 09:05
New Deposits will be suspended but Withdrawal Requests will continue to be paid
Hello,   I recently sent an email to inform you that 2 new investment plans of 40 days have been created called “Welcome 2018” & “Welcome 2018 (V.I.P.) because we will close this year 2017 with those plans. From today... 
05/10/2017 05:18
2 News About your Deposits, Withdrawals & Investments !
Hello, 1°) From now, members who have already posted at least 2 Testimonials on S.I.P. can re-invest their earnings and/or capital in the Program without obligation to withdraw their funds before. But note that if you reach 1000$ or more o... 
03/10/2017 07:20
New Investment Plans Created & Changes Made!
Hello,   Since some days, we have set 2 new Investment Plans:   1-Welcome 2018 (Plan For free members) Pay times: 40 business days Interest rate: 2.9% (capital included) Accepted Amounts: 20 – 2000$   2-Welcome 2018 (... 
18/06/2017 02:41
FAQ Updated / Mise à jour de la FAQ
Q/A n°3 Of General Category has been update. Withdrawal time proceed has been set from 48 working hours to 24 working hours. This information has also been update before on the home page. Thank you !   +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++... 


Kalou Guie Achille :
" Voici la preuve de mon 7 ème paiement.Je dis merci à S.I.P pour le respect de ses engagements. Website : "