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To ensure the sustainability of S.I.P., we have set reasonable rates but better than your Bank. S.I.P. will never close and will remain your partner for life.

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You can join our group on WhatsApp after your 1st investment. You will able to discuss with the site owner, other investors and learn more about the projects. 

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To avoid our Investors to lose money when the value of e-currency falls, we allow them now to withdraw through also their card or Bank at a fixed predetermined rate. 

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18/03/2018 09:21
Withdrawal request S.I.P.: Payment Id:11067 Paid to member: sicafreedom
-------------Payout history of the member has been posted because he has not publish the proof of all payments received for S.I.P.------------   
18/03/2018 08:30
Withdrawal request S.I.P.: Payment Id:17066 Paid to member: moscovite
------Payout history of the member has been posted because he has not published all his proofs of payments on the Testimony page-------   
30/01/2018 00:51
Deposits are now closed: members can start withdrawals!
Hello, Every Friday you can request a withdrawal. And your payment will be done on the following Monday. No withdrawal limit. So, you can take all the available funds in your balance. Once all withdrawal requests will be paid and all balances e... 
30/01/2018 00:49
Les dépôts sont maintenant fermés: les membres peuvent commencer les retraits !
Bonjour, Tous les Vendredis, vous pouvez faire une demande de retrait. Et votre paiement sera fait le Lundi qui suit. Pas de limite de retrait. Par conséquent, vous pouvez retirer tous les fonds disponibles sur votre balance. Lorsque tout... 
01/01/2018 10:40
Bonjour,   Vous pouvez gagner 3$ de commission de sponsor si vous êtes un simple membre. Pour les Membres V.I.P., nous donnons plus…: - 10$ de commission de sponsor -des revenus passifs avec notre matrice force 2x5 (obtenez ... 


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" Demande de retrait de 311.36 USD postée le 30/09/2017 vers 22h, paiement reçu le lendemain 01/10/2017 à 09h08. S.i.P est vraiment fiable. preuve de paiement N’hésitez plus. Investir sur S.I.P c'est réal... "